Sagami 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We are the first condom manufacturer in Japan and the first in the world to produce coloured condoms and dotted condoms. We have been creating various revolutionary products since 1934, including the world's first condom with thinness in the 20-micron range and Sagami Original 0.01, which has reached the highest sales among Sagami Original series.

Because Sagami firmly believes that sex is more than just feeling good. It is about feeling closer to your loved one.

In order to bring you and your partner closer to such an experience, we sincerely offer the Sagami 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, allowing lovers to have a closer relationship and explore our products in more depth.

During the 30-day exploration journey, if the product does not meet your expectations, we genuinely hope to listen to your thoughts and provide the Return and Exchange Services. This is Sagami's commitment to every customer and confidence in our products.

We are sorry you are not satisfied with this experience, but we still believe that Sagami can help you reach your dream. Therefore, customers requesting the Return and Exchange Services can choose any Sagami product. You are only responsible for paying the price difference (if any). If you select a product with a lower price than the returned one, we will only compensate you with goods of the same value as the difference. Refund is not offered.

Rest assured. We will definitely not resell returned and exchanged items.

Terms and Conditions

Eligible products for the Sagami 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee must fulfil the following conditions:


The products are authentic and purchased from the stores shown in the list below

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Request for the Return and Exchange Services must be made within 30 days after purchase (based on the purchase date shown on the receipt)


The product expiry date should not be less than two years (based on the requested date for the Return and Exchange Services; short-expiry products will not be accepted)

Details of the Return and Exchange Services:

Please contact our customer service team via info@sagami.hk, Facebook or Instagram @sagami.hk to share your experience and feedback.

You can choose to return or exchange goods by mail, and we will be responsible for the delivery fee, or you can visit our office in person.

After receiving the returned goods, the exchange procedure will be carried out immediately and finished within approximately five working days, depending on stock availability.

In case of dispute, the interpretation and decision of Sagami regarding all issues and disputes shall be final and conclusive.